We offer professional assistance in trade and business relationships in various sectors and regions. Our trading consultants and partners are experienced in the many challenges of the industry. If you are looking for trading partners in the areas of agriculture products, beverages (including artisanal spirts and beer ), artisan products , finished goods and merchandize then you are in the right place. We can facilitate trade with and in the following countries: UK and Mexico. This service is provided from our UK Office.

Today, more than ever, the commercial marketplace is highly competitive and rapidly evolving. It is therefore vitally important to regularly update the offer quality products. In this context we are happy to trade in the following areas:

  • Agricultrual Products
  • Bevrages (including artisanal spirts and beer)
  • Parts
  • Construction materials
  • Agriculture products
  • Finished goods and merchandize
  • Collectibles

The products trade by us are supplied by the vigilantly selected producers. They comply with the international standards on safety, quality, sustainability and transparency.