Our Services

We offer a wide range of services in relation to wedding planning and organisation and it depends to which level the couple wishes that we support them.  However the main two options are:

  1. wedding planning consultancy and wedding organisation on the wedding day (help in the wedding preparations, budgets selection of suppliers, organisation of wedding)
  2. wedding organisation on the wedding day (we will meet a number of times before the wedding so that we agree on what you wish , the flow, timings, etc )

Wedding planning includes consultancy and support on the following services:
-Selection and booking of venue - one of the many wedding venues in Malta including venues with gardens, sea views, farm houses and hotel halls.
-Caterers providing professional catering, dinner, wedding cake
-Beverages (types and quantity), cocktail stall
-Selection and booking of church (catholic or church of England) and priest
-Professional photographer and a professional videographer to capture those memorable wedding moments
-Attire for the bride and the groom as well as those of their attendants – purchase or rental of the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit. The men’s wedding attire can be hired from a professional wedding dress hire service.
-Beautician and Make-up artists for the bride from a professional wedding-specialised beauty salon
-Hairdresser for the bride, groom and guests of honour
- Wedding invitations – printed at professional printers
-Flowers and flower arrangements from a professional florist
-Transport – wedding car hire service that offers car rental of various vintage cars and all the wedding cars that you will require.
-Carpet rental service offering carpets in the traditional cream or red as well as a variety of other colours to give your wedding that unique touch
-Music during the Church ceremony / Civil ceremony and for the reception – You have your choice of classic music, DJ or a band with singer etc.
-Lights for the reception
-Fireworks for the reception
-For international based clients Hotel for your stay and that of your family and friends in Malta
-Other related matters expenses (e.g. Registry fees and Church stipend)
Wedding organisation includes the following services:
Before the wedding -
-Confirm amounts and variety of food items to order from caterer
-Confirm amounts, brands and quantity of Beverages
-Finalise the list of persons that will be involved in the wedding and collect their contact numbers
-Discuss Hall setup and details of mass celebration
-Make the church rehearsal
Plan, coordinate and time the entire wedding
List all the things that would be required for the wedding and which we will collect on the eve of the wedding and includes: souvenirs, guestbook, photo, confetti etc

On the Day –
-Ensure that church is set up as agreed with the couple
-Guide all those involved in the church celebration
-Distribute celebration items

Reception -
-Ensure the venue is set up as agreed with the couple
-Double check all food items and beverage list against the order
-See that staff and number of waiters are as agreed
-Prepare family members for photographs to speed up the process
-See to band / music
-Coordinate with all parties involved to ensure smooth flow of celebration
-Responsible for controlling and dispensing stock of spirits
-Prepare chairs
-Coordinate transport
-Replenish souvenirs
-Distribute celebration items
-Prepare food items and drinks for couple during and at the end of the wedding
-Do a stock-take after the function and check beverage consumption

Special Services:
Transport Services: We also offer transport service of any items left in the venue such as food and drinks at a charge
Security Services: We also offer security services for the venue and also for private residences of both the bride and the groom
Couple Website: Have an attractive website for your friends and relatives to view your photos and wedding details. Click here for more details.

Important notes:
-Splendid Weddings Malta does not handle gifts, it is advisable that for this role the couple chooses a good friend or relative to take and store the gifts in a safe location
-For the locally based clients any deals and offers enjoyed from our partners have to be paid directly for with the supplier third parties, except when the couple wish that they hand us the money and we pay for the services ourselves on their behalf

Remeber, that a Wedding Planner can:

  • Alleviate the stress of wedding planning and coordination
  • Help you save time by doing planning legwork for you
  • Relieve the planning burden from you so you can focus on work, study, family and other areas of your life
  • Assist you in staying within your wedding budget
  • Listen and serve as a sounding board for you
  • Serve as a 'go-to person' on your wedding day to ensure all of your plans happen as they should
  • Guide you through the wedding planning process so you can enjoy being a bride